Virtual Assistant for Private Label

What is Amazon Private Label:

Private Label is all about your very own product. Amazon Private Label is about finding a product on Amazon that has high demand, but may have a low number of reviews due to many reasons; some of them are: either because of low quality, poor display pictures, listing not up to the mark. Taking out that product from searching, sourcing that product with good quality, getting it labelled with your business name. Basically, what we will to do here is ;

  1. Upgrade the product with good quality,
  2. Choose colors that are in demand,
  3. Making attractive presentation of your product
  4. Up to the mark listing( make sure maximum keywords used)

Private Label Products for Amazon

Amazon Private label has turned out as a feasible way to start your own business online. When you own a brand (generic product), it creates an identity of your very own.

Private label gives you an advantage by creating a visual difference and boosting it by sponsoring it on social platforms and by sponsoring it on Amazon itself, making your product(s) valued and winning  against all the competition.

How to private label your product?

There are a number of steps in starting your Private Label ( will be discussed below), but the key point is patience while going through the process.¬† Business needs time to nourish and establish, sometimes it’s lucky for you when your business starts giving you profit within months and a year. But not the same in every one’s case.

Below are the steps

  • Finding a suitable product (Product Hunting)
  • Finding a supplier/manufacturer (Product Sourcing)
  • Creation of logo, packaging, and designs
  • List the product on Amazon (Listing)
  • Opt for Amazon FBA/FBM (selecting modules)
  • Start Selling.